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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Luiza migrated to Los Angeles, California when she was seven years old. After receiving her degree in English Literature, she began to travel the world and fell in love with a camera. 


Adventurer first. Director second. She’s just as comfortable running a big crew as she is holding her breath for 5+ minutes while free-diving in the ocean. 


Inspired by her adventures in far off lands such as Papua New Guinea, Luiza made a progression into the world of filmmaking by directing documentaries. In 2016, she produced, directed and filmed her first TV series - a ten month, 35,000 mile odyssey from Alaska to Patagonia as she searched for waves, adventure, and culture. 


Since then, Luiza has split her time between directing documentaries and commercials. She has directed films for major brands such as Degree, AXE, Dove, Johnson & Johnson, Santander, iFood, Discovery Channel, Red Bull, Billabong, Discovery+ and others. 


Her documentary, “The Curious Tales of Italo Ferreira”, followed the life story of the 2019 world surfing champion and Olympic gold medalist. She embedded herself and her crew into the Brazilian’s hometown and best friend group, allowing her to capture the most intimate look into his mindset and how the culture of his unique small town crafted a world champion.


Her four part documentary true crime series, "Abdelmassih: From Miracle to Crime" has just been released on Discovery+.

Her focus continues to be telling riveting stories through the art of documentaries and commercials.




Nike | Red Bull | Discovery | Discovery+ | Degree | Rexona | AXE | Canal Off | Dove | Santander | iFood | Billabong | GNT | Farm Rio | Johnson & Johnson | GOL Airlines | Bank of Brazil

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